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I am a writer. I appreciate grammar. I love Batman. I once convinced myself there was a dead body in the dumpster at work. I wish animals could talk. I adopted my dog partly because his name is Frank, the name of my novel's protagonist. I crave snow cones. I dream insane dreams and remember them for days, weeks, months, years. I wish I could record my dreams as films and share them with others. I am scared of spiders. I like to clean. I love high heels.


Years ago, I was overwhelmed. I felt as if my world was out of whack. Inundated with chores, I felt as if I could never get enough done. The house would never be clean enough. My perfectionist instinct shut me down and prohibited me from making progress at all! My thinking was:  If I didn’t have time to completely deep clean the entire room – why start?

One day I looked for help. I went to Google and I started researching. I’m BIG on research and self-learning. This is very much a part of my life and something I continue today. At that time, I researched “cleaning routine” or something similar. I came across Flylady.net. She had experience in being overwhelmed too! And she had developed a system of Baby Steps to ease into the system. And it was manageable. I started practicing the system and quickly realized – I worked my way into a clean and de-cluttered home. With time to spare! Her cleaning tools are amazing and I am a believer in them.

I also started researching Feng Shui and have found improvement to my mindset while putting into practice some principles. I will write blog posts on various de-cluttering strategies, Feng Shui cures and tips, and then some interior decorating/designing tips as well.

We want to FUEL your life with GOOD energy! This includes EVERYTHING! From health, to fitness, to business strategy, to organization, to hobbies, and the things that FUEL you with joy. I will also list resources for you! 

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