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Monday, September 8, 2014


I don’t have time to train anyone right now. I have a certain way I want this done. It’s my duty to (insert chore/task.)

Yeah – that was me. I have been working with my Focal Point business coach Art and I keep running into the same issue. Time! I need time! And the quality of my output has diminished as a result of me spreading myself too thin in order to  accomplish my tasks in a timely manner. I forget things. Or my desk is a disaster (as a result of not having time to organize it. Tsk Tsk, I know!) and I cannot find that order I was supposed to place. Or that article I needed to read. Or that form that required my signature.

Scatterbrained. That’s the word.

I have a nine year old son. Much of my time is spent cooking, cleaning, LAUNDRY, trying to spend FUN, QUALITY time with him, more LAUNDRY, etc. Saturday mornings have been spent cleaning, and doing homework, and maybe some work-work too.
I own a security business and I love it! I love my job, but I have no backup. Partly because of the excuses I listed in the opening lines of this blog post. In addition to my daily working “in the business” on my day-to-day operations – I am working “on the business” on business coaching, strategic planning, and gathering data to analyze performance. I sometimes work late and have often taken work home.

I am finishing my business degree – graduate in December! Woo-hoo! But I haven’t had a week off school since January 2013. That is quite a long time. And between lofty essays, strict participation rules, and mandatory team assignments every week – I spend a lot of time on school.

I decided to start my own direct selling business with Rodan + Fields – and guess what? I love it. I do. But it also requires time in order to do it properly.

I have always tried to do the most on my own – without help. And then Art helped me understand the skill of delegation and why it is so important. The last two weeks, I have been studying Increasing Personal Effectiveness and I am studying time management and delegation right now. One thing is to figure out your hourly rate. Take your annual salary, divide it by 2,080 if you don’t know. And then determine if you would pay someone else that amount to complete that task.

For instance, let’s say you earn $75,000 per year – that makes your hourly wage $36.06. If you spend two hours per day sorting mail and entering data into a computer system, the question to ask yourself is: Would you pay someone $36.06 per hour to type for you? If you could pay a part time helper $10.00 per hour to enter your data and sort your mail each day – you could save yourself time and spend less money on that task. So by spending $100.00 to a helper per week to sort mail and enter data – you are then able to free up ten hours per week to focus on higher-value tasks that require YOU.

Another reason to delegate is – the task at hand  is out of your wheelhouse. If you lack the tools to do it efficiently and properly, you could free up that time by allowing someone else to do the task for which they are better suited. I used to complete all my designing and printing for our business forms, brochures, etc. It was extremely time consuming as I was not as skilled as I should have been and I also lacked the correct software and printers to get professional quality. I would waste so much time and money – for poor-quality work. It made our brand look bad. I was unable to complete other tasks that required my skill. So I outsourced. Guess what?

1. They do such an amazing job – I am beyond pleased.

2. I send an email and I know they are on top of it.

3. It saves me time (and money) because I allow those who are better suited for it complete the task and focus my time and energy elsewhere. I swapped what I was paying for card stock, brochure paper, more ink toner cartridges, and labor and got a higher-quality product! And then I am able to accomplish my tasks and handle customer service in a more timely manner! Win-win! My company looks more professional and the quality of our service increased – all because I let it go.

I also recently outsourced typing a mailing list of 1,150 companies in this area. I was struggling trying to find the time to fit it in. How could I type all of this into a spreadsheet by my deadline AND meet my other obligations? And then I realized – I could have someone else do it. And so I did. For $70.00 I had a freelancer type the entire list into my spreadsheet for me. Immediate ease of mind – no longterm commitment – and I’m able to focus on higher value tasks that actually require my attention.

I have been studying marketing and success with my coach Art and watching Chalene Johnson’s videos. I watched this ONE this week. HOW PERFECT IS THIS? I even downloaded her PDF and will complete it this weekend. It is a form that asks you to take inventory of your life and identify areas where delegation is recommended. Between being a parent, a full time student, a full time business owner involved in the daily operations of my business – with a budding direct selling career – I need time. I need focus.

So – TRIM THE FAT, so to speak. CHOOSE to fill your days with those things that fuel you. Be with the friends who reciprocate. Focus your energy on the high-value items YOU need to do and get help in the others. Free yourself from the constraints of stress if at all possible. This is key to a better day, a better week, a better YOU!


  1. Those are some great points! I'm struggling a bit with time management right now, too, part of which is that I don't have enough time, and part of which is feeling so defeated that I waste some of what I do have.

    I don't know how you cram in everything you do, but I will be cheering hard when you finally get your degree!

  2. That's one thing I was finding - without a plan or a "time budget" - I would scramble around trying to get things done. Then I felt I wasted time or didn't understand why I wasn't being more productive.

    I use ITTT.com - and I set up reminders. Sort of like school - I may get a text message that says "DO WORK!" and I zone out and focus on getting work done and only work done. So 3 hours of pure focus and not bouncing around. I'm keeping track and will use freelancers when appropriate. It was really nice to note spend a ton of time on something I'm not equipped for.

    Thanks - I'm ready! 2.5 classes left!