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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Boom! That's How You Feng Shui.

"Boom! That's how you Feng Shui."

I said that this weekend. Yeah. I know.

I really am not even sure where to start on this. I guess I will go back...

I watch the Real Housewives of <insert city here> franchise on Bravo television. I catch a lot of flack for this - but I find it entertaining and informative.I get to analyze human behavior and get exposure to lifestyles or things I normally would not be. Feng Shui is one of those things.

On Real Housewives of Orange County, there was a new housewife this season, Shannon Beador. (Side note - this was her first season and she was just voted Best Housewife Ever.) Shannon, an Aries like myself, came onto the scene like a whirlwind. Her introduction package, where we learn more about her and her family, showed that she built her house as green as possible. She didn't allow her children to use cell phones because of radiation. She was a dedicated, hands on mother, with a marriage that shows the beginning cracks of trouble. Her home was gorgeous. She talked about Feng Shui, the energy, how she build crystals into her walls for protection. She told her husband to grab a lemon from the other bowl - that bowl of 9 was to be untouched. I, like everyone else, sort of raised an eyebrow and chuckled. She was endearing.

Truth was - I see a lot of myself in Shannon.

Her stress - I have my moments where I feel completely overwhelmed - as if I am wasting time and making NO TRACTION.

Her emotions - there were scenes with her husband David that were painful to watch. It was the most real thing I've seen on reality television. She would nag. He would complain. There was a distance there - a wall built by both over time as if they were seeking relief from the pain inflicted by the other. Both reacted and instead of coming together (in the beginning) - they drifted apart. How often does that happen in marriages? Work. Kids. Schedules. It all builds up - date nights are delayed due to obligations. Vacations are family-friendly and leave NO alone/romantic time for the adults. We saw that this season with Shannon and David. She would cry in her interviews - and talk about how she lashes out because she just wants to feel important and loved by her husband. But then that reaction would further drive him away. It's real. It happens. I've been there. I have been hurt and said the most ludicrous things and as soon as the words leave my lips, I am aware it's unfair. But I can't help it. I'm stubborn. And I have a temper. Aries...remember?

Her love of natural and homeopathic remedies - *raises hand.* I am a firm believer in natural remedies. I have shelves of essential oils and vitamins and herbal supplements. They work! (when I take them) My sister and her family were out last Thanksgiving and I remember my nephew having a horrific earache. A couple drops of garlic oil and he was instantly better. I've become known at work as "the hippy" (it's a term of endearment) and I advise on what "must haves" there are - Eucalyptus Oil must be in every household. I am still working from the bottle I had when my son was a baby. Let's add her acupuncturist in here as well - I have one too. I haven't seen him in a while because I am quite well, but I do know I have been healed by him. And I was amazed.

I was skeptical to begin with - but I noticed one morning my left arm was tingling. I figured I fell asleep on it and it went numb. But as I went through my morning, it never work up. There was an ache...a slow, dull ache coupling the numbness. It was a Friday. I couldn't get in to see my doctor. I called the chiropractor figuring I had a pressed nerve, no answer. I guess they were having a birthday party or something.I went all weekend wondering if I was having a heart attack and would wind up dead. The next Wednesday, I thought of Kevin and called to make an appointment. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. It took 2 hours of acupuncture and touch therapy - but the next day? My arm was normal.

When Shannon took her Feng Shui consultant to Vicki Gunvalson's office, I watched Vicki write notes and listened to what Elaine Wright had said. I was intrigued. I wanted to know more. So I bought some books. I bought Feng Shi for Dummies and then Feng Shui Your Life. My brother laughed as I excitedly explained more about it. I started making a few changes here or there - for the most part I realized I already implemented components of Feng Shui without realizing it.

Before we go any further - Feng Shui is not a religion. It isn't magic. And it makes no promises. It's all about providing balance to one's life. Many make the argument there is "nothing" to the actual practice of Feng Shui, but by decluttering and maintaining a clean environment - you feel more organized and happier. Others say there is something to it. I figured, "Why not?"

I placed stones/crystals in my office to compliment the decor. One for bright energy, one for teamwork, another for peace and tranquility. I have a salt lamp with essential oil to elevate the mood. I placed a bowl of nine oranges in the middle of our table. Maybe two weeks later, I had a communication breakthrough with a business partner and felt we overcame a hurdle together. Work picked up. Things were great.

We ate the oranges, I moved the bowl, and forgot about it. I watched the reunion of Real Housewives and the host asked Vicki if she saw any benefits of Feng Shui. She said she followed the tips 100% and went on to have her highest sales month ever. I began to rethink it. One Friday, I was waiting for my car to be inspected and was researching on my phone. I came across an article that explained our closets represent our self esteem and inner confidence. To clean them, organize them, and get that boost. So I did. It worked.

I moved things around, I painted a wall, and transitioned my closet into a fully functional dressing room. My mornings and life in general are much better now - I don't get panicked when I cannot find this or that. Cleaning the space really helped. This streak moved into the bedroom and then this weekend - home office and front yard.

I've let my front yard go. It's mowed and weeded, but not much else. I hang a wreath for Autumn and Christmas. Otherwise, it's been pretty dead. Feng Shui teaches that our front entrances should be welcoming. "If Good News was traveling down the road, would He stop by to say hello?"

The personification of Good News/Prosperity made me think. No, he wouldn't. My front entrance wasn't very welcoming and I'm generally in the house or in the back. Hermit-like. So I created a container garden for the flower bed that won't allow growth in the ground. I planted seasonal flowers. I anchored my front door with containers of flowers and plants. I hung a wind chime (a popular Feng Shui cure) to draw energy. I lined the walk with a few landscape lights. It elevated the entrance.

Then I changed my office - Feng Shui teaches you should not face a wall if you can keep from it. You should face outward, in a position of authority. So I moved things - in a way I never would have dreamed of placing the furniture. And it works. I anchored the space with family photographs, a tree, decluttered, and guess what? It's functional. And I actually get work done at home! Before? I'd put it off - it was hard to do so because of the way I had it set up.

Another popular cure - a water fountain by the front door to draw in the energy. I got small tabletop fountain for my office. I put it in yesterday - I got two promising calls from potential clients. Is it because of the fountain? I don't know. I do know I like the calming sound of the water wall. I do know I have been incredibly focused and positive. I'll talk about the cleansing of my office space with burning incense and talking to the walls later....I think maybe you can only take so much for now.

But yes - I sent a picture of my reorganized office and said, "Boom! That's how you Feng Shui." I never thought I would believe in it, or practice it, but I think I do.


  1. Fascinating! I don't know much about Feng Shui, but I do know I feel much better when my house is decluttered, and I never sit at my desk because it faces the wall. I work from my couch, where I can see the whole room.
    I started using little bits of essential oils, too. I don't know much about them, either, but my daughter was getting headaches all the time and I didn't want to give her motrin so often, so we dab peppermint oil on her temples and on a cotton ball that she breathes in while she does homework. It may be mental, but she likes it and is using fewer drugs, so that is good.

  2. Yes - they say position your desk to face the doorway in a position of authority. If it is in a great room - position your desk to see the whole family. That way it incorporates the family in your work and you are able to be more involved.

    I'm a believer in oils and herbs. It was the main form of health care until they realized they could make money by making chemically based things.