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I am a writer. I appreciate grammar. I love Batman. I once convinced myself there was a dead body in the dumpster at work. I wish animals could talk. I adopted my dog partly because his name is Frank, the name of my novel's protagonist. I crave snow cones. I dream insane dreams and remember them for days, weeks, months, years. I wish I could record my dreams as films and share them with others. I am scared of spiders. I like to clean. I love high heels.


Of course I will be sharing personal stories here and there.I have a fun 9 year old son and an awesome 5 year old black lab, Frank.

I have lived my entire life plagued by the desire to please others. And boy has it caused problems?! But I turned over a new leaf and I realized -there comes a time when you just have to live. You know? If anyone has a problem with it - guess what? It's THEIR problem. Not yours. We cannot shoulder the burden of others' demons or hang ups. Our duty is to live. Love. Give. Listen. And be compassionate beings. 

You surround yourself with people who lift you up and inspire you to be better. Greater. Lighter. Don't get bogged down with hogwash. 

Life is too short for that. 

If they want to seep their souls in hatred and the muck of bitterness - let them. But you have a choice. 

Choose life. Choose love. Choose happiness.

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